Be the Friend Who Listens.

Starting a conversation about mental health does not need to be uncomfortable, and it can make all the difference. Check out these resources to learn how to support a friend – or get help for yourself.

Knowing when extra help is needed

You don’t need to be an expert to recognize when someone needs outside help – if you can tell a friend isn’t doing well, they might need a greater network of support.

Learn the signs

What to say when you don’t know what to say

Don’t worry if you’re at a loss for words! Here are conversation guides for those moments to help you get started.

Conversation starters

Taking Care of Your Own Mental Health

If you’re experiencing increased stress, anxiety, sadness or other mental health concerns, you’re not alone. Learn self-care strategies and how to get additional help for yourself if you need it.

Learn how

We Can Talk About It

When the world doesn’t listen, be the friend who does. Many of us feel like we can’t discuss our mental health for many reasons. “We Can Talk About It” encourages you to push past taboos and misconceptions about mental health by seizing the awkward, reaching out to a friend and checking in.

Need Help?

Text SEIZE to 741741 or call or text 988

In an emergency, call 911