Totally Worth It

Seize the Awkward and FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH have teamed up in a PSA that encourages young people to start conversations around mental health with friends.

Join Cloud, Aerith, and friends on their journey to face their battles together. Equipping yourself with the tools and resources to confidently support your friends is totally worth it!


Life’s daily battles are not meant to be fought alone.

We’re not powerless.

So long as we don’t lose sight of what’s important.

Don’t be afraid to seize that moment to talk to your friends.

Cloud, you okay?

Because checking in on a friend can create a safe space.

The first step on our new journey.

You coming?

Reach out to a friend about their mental health.

Seize the Awkward.

It’s totally worth it.

    Aerith and Cloud high fiving