Orion Carloto On Friendship and Mental Health


Hi, my name is Orion Carloto. And when I first started dealing with my mental health was late middle school, early high school. My best friend, Camo, was the only person that knew about everything that I was dealing with in my head. Having a friend, I feel, as cliche as it sounds, is important to just even just have somebody listen to what you have to say even if they have nothing to say back to you. Just to be an ear. If you have a friend that is dealing with anything under the umbrella of mental health, I feel like the most important thing to do is just listen. You don't have to feel obligated or pressured, unless asked for, to give advice. I feel like just to have somebody listen is more than enough. Just knowing that it's not in here, and it's somewhere outside of my brain or my journal feels like a giant weight is taken off my shoulder because I am one to hold things in.