Megan Thee Stallion On Checking In On Her Friends


Me and my best friend and my cousin, the way that we all check on each other, like, I'll probably send somebody a funny meme or somebody will send me a funny meme, or they just randomly call me.

And we'll start talking about one thing but the conversation will end up probably where you really wanted it to go in the first place.

Like I could be pissed off and I call my best friend, and I [end up] talking about some shit, but then the conversation winds up in what I really wanted to talk to her about and she check in and I check in with her and it feels really good to have somebody that supports me that way.

I know a lot of times I am presenting to my friends like I got it together, my life good. I'm happy, nothing wrong with me.

Somebody could ask me "what's wrong?" and I'd be like, "nothing.”

So talking to your friends, I feel like that makes the friendship grow. I feel like it makes it better. I feel like you feel better when you feel like you can 100% be yourself with somebody and vice versa.

So check in on your strong friends.