Markiplier On Mental Health


Hi, my name is Markiplier, I run a YouTube channel, but today I'm here to talk to you about the awkward moment in trying to talk to your friends. Mental health is an interesting subject because everybody knows about it, but nobody really knows how to talk about it. And no matter how much experience you have, there's no easy way to tell your friend that they seem off. Me and my friend Tyler, we've known each other since fourth grade. When I reach out to Tyler, it's because I see him hurting, and I see him being affected by the pressures of his life bringing him down, and he needs to hear that I'm there for him. As soon as you see that kind of person start to close off and throw up walls, that's when you know that something's going wrong. Tyler and I have such an understanding that the moment that we need to talk to each other, all we have to do is, "Hey, something's wrong with you, "you need to talk about this!" and then we start talking about it for a couple hours. For those who have new friends, or just see the signs in someone, and yet don't know them very well, that open dialogue is only welcome. If you really care about someone, and you really want to help, you understand that the signs may be there, and they may not want to talk about it. But it's always important to keep those lines of communication available. If not open, at least available. Let them know that you care enough to be there when they need it. Because there's times when I'm so closed off, that I want to work on my own stuff, it doesn't hurt me or make me angry that someone says, "Hey, I notice that you're stressed. "I'm not gonna intrude, but if you need to talk, "we can go catch a movie," or something like that. It can be that casual. As long as you acknowledge that it's there, it can lead to the help that is needed.