Liv Morgan On Her Mental Health Story


There’s no right or wrong way to feel.

What I would like to encourage is knowing some tips to kind of…manage those emotions

A great way to start is by having a good support system.

My friends and family support me by hearing me

Just having an open and safe place to vent my feelings…and, um, just know that they have my best interests at heart.

Younger Liv Morgan kept every single thing in and never expressed her emotions.

People would look at me and think I was happy all the time when I was the exact opposite, so I would tell her, “Express yourself! You can trust people.”

People know how you’re feeling and they’re not gonna judge you.

It’s a safe space, and you feel so so much better getting these burdens off of your chest.

Be open with how you’re feeling.

There are so many ways to start a conversation about mental health with a friend.

What matters is that you reach out.