Jessie Paege On Sharing Intentions


Hi everyone! My name is Jessie Paege, and I'm a 19-year-old YouTuber from New Jersey. Growing up I had severe social anxiety and I definitely have faced a lot of isolation from it. I personally isolated myself. I was put into special treatment and I had an aide growing up. And I was always just known as the kid that needed an aide and couldn't be alone. I think most people that go through social anxiety will relate to me when I say that it doesn't, it can't always permanently go away and you're always gonna have relapses in certain forms, but I definitely feel like I have a lot better control over it, which I'm just really proud of myself for. It can seem incredibly awkward to talk about mental health, but I encourage everyone to really start the conversation. One of the most important things with friends trying to help out other friends that are going through anxiety is to make sure that they know that they shouldn't be ashamed of this thing, and you shouldn't treat them as if they're a special case. Definitely don't let it seem like it's something crippling. Also, just reiterating like, it's okay, and like it's going to be okay is even so helpful. Make it a point to like share your intentions. Like hey, I just wanna talk to you about this because I care. Because i just I wanna see you happy. Because I wanna see you do your best. I think just letting people know your intentions is super important.